STANDA Crime Prevention Community & Business Patrol Program
(Roaming Patrol)

Security Services with the Highest Degree of Professionalism and Integrity.

The Community & Business Patrol (CBP) Program is a random inspection program to ensure that your business and/or property is protected.

For Auto Dealerships, Apartment Complexes, Construction Sites, Gated Communities, Health Care Facilities, Businesses, Retail Complexes, Corporations and Individual homes

This is a new and developing area in the security services industry. For customers who donít have the need or the resources for continuous security coverage, but want the same high visibility and quality security service of a large corporation.

A Trained and Licensed security specialist will conduct regular patrol of your facility and/or business on a schedule set by you! The security specialist will perform a thorough inspection based on your particular needs.

Benefits of the Community & Business Patrol Program

  • A definite theft deterrent & peace of mind
  • No new employees to hire
  • No need to hire a full-time security officer
  • Potentially saves money on your insurance premiums
  • You control times and frequency of patrols and inspection
  • Qualified Trained & Licensed Patrol Officers
  • Weekly written reports and information about the inspection
  • Customer tailored pricing to fit your cost & budget

Our patrol service clients have the comfort of knowing that a high quality, professional organization is watching their facility.

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